by Dyohna

Casual Updates 5/9/21

Happy Mother's Day, friends!
I've got a few small things I've been doing behind the scenes that maybe you'd want to hear about, and the last two things are about ways to support the comic.

First, I added pronouns to the cast page for your convience. There will be a few more people in the cast page eventually, but we've still got our main six for now!

Second, The color settings on my laptop changed without me realizing, so I fixed that and edited some colors in the last couple pages. You will barely notice it, but it was bothering me lol

Third, More fanart was added to the fanart page! :D Thank you thank you!!  I can't wait to feature all the new ones in the next anniversary, yay!

Fourth, I'm getting back into livestreaming art so I'm offering request streams on patreon. So at least twice a month I can draw random stuff you guys suggest. If that sounds fun, I use Picarto to stream. I usually stream to start and finish some illustratons I wanna do, you can join those patron or not.
One of my goals on patreon is to make character sheets for every single minor character, so if you're intrested in fun facts and refs for the non main cast, consider supporting me there!

Here are my patreon offerings if you didn't know: There are lots of cameo spots for the upcoming party if you're interested!

Last, I have commissions open

That's all, thank you for reading! :)
by Dyohna

No Page Next Week 2/15/21

I just need a little break so there won't be a page next week but the week after we're back to normal

Thanks for understanding, here is Ginger dancing to anime probably

Also the fanart page has been updated again. Happy Discount Chocolate day :)
by Dyohna

Christmas Mini Comic 12/23/20

Here for you, a special Christmas comic to end this hectic 2020! Consider supporting me this holiday season by picking it up for $1 at my store.
Or you can read it on patreon along with the extra content I post there.
If you do get the comic, feel free to comment your thoughts under this post <3

It will be on sale until next year when I'll release it for free ^^
Make sure your proper email is connected or write in the email you want the PDF sent to!

In the meanwhile, Walter and Winnie have a Christmas comic as well if you haven't read it yet! Here
There are lots of cool things in the BONUS tab, including a now up to date fanart page!
I still can't belive how amazing they are, thank you so much ; v ;
Happy Holidays everyone!
by Dyohna

New Cast Page 10/26/20

Hello hello, I've updated the Cast Page with the redesigns! I hope you like them, I think they will convey everyone's personalities a little better throughout the story. I've changed some colors and ages from the initial ref sheets. I felt like I couldn't change certain things for the sake of consistency, but its still early enough where these things can still be fiddled with.

Also, the first page of the comic is already up on patreon :o Please do support me there, I post a fair amount! 
Patreon will always be a page or two ahead and I might increase its lead later down the line. The pages are also higher quality too! If we reach the first goal on patreon, I'll make a full front/back character sheet for every single character we meet with lots more info :]

Lastly, I'm holding two art raffles on my twitter and Instagram. If you wanna get in on that, there's plenty of time to join! Ends on the 31st.

But other than that, the chapter cover is coming next week! Hype!!
by Dyohna

Fanart Showcase on Tapas 10/04/20

So much of my fanart has come from right here on ComicFury but people on Tapas don't know that lol.
I made a small showcase over there today if you wanna see it too! Link!
As you ALL know, I already display fanart on the Bonus Page of my site! I thought it would be redundant to post them again in the main comic area.
If you go there you'll also see that I have affilates now :o If you like my comic you'll probably like theirs too!

I hope your month is going well so far :3c Talk to you again soon!
by Dyohna

No Page This Week 7/26/20

I've been without my drawing tablet this week, I had to send it away to be repaired. Because of this I couldn't finish today's page, sorry about that!
We'll be back to normal next week!

Something else, I added new navigation buttons below the pages! Truthfully, I planned to have them there from the beginning but I, uh, guess I forgot lol
by Dyohna

Quick Updates 7/10/20

Hey! Nice to know you guys are going to get notified for these blogs, I think I'll use them more often :D

First, I'm bumping up the date for the quiz result announcement to tomorrow, the 11th. I don't want the posts to interfere with the flow of the pages too much and I think I've already got as many submissions as I'm gonna get. Even if you didn't want to participate, I did make some drawings for the quiz so check it out anyway lol

Second, I've updated the bonus page of the site. I finally put all the fanart there and added more fun pictures :)

Third, I've added something for Animal Crossing fans in the bonus tab. Feel free to request more ac stuff from me or share stuff with me if you want :)

That's all for now! See ya later gators!